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Success Stories.

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Studio: Development

We needed a small web application with simple input fields like a form which was sent to a server from a central organization. We did not just get an amazing solution, but also to a great prize. In addition, the communication and result was just mind blowing.

Amazing experience, Small business owner
Studio: Development

We needed a web application with an easy desktop and mobile access. The working behavior, quality and results was far beyond our expectations. We also gained some insights from research and additional very helpful information. This company is a hidden star.

Hire now, Local society
Studio: Development

We needed an application to stay alive during the pandemic. The service and foresight raised the bar to a total new level. Never had such an experience. We made business already three times and will do it again and again.

They kept us alive, John Miller, Coffee Shop Owner
Studio: Improvement & Testing

We have an Android and iOS app for our customers. Unfortunately, we received bad reviews regarding usability quite often in the last months. We received great help to track down the issues and through the very detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement, we were able to not only improve the reviews, but also get more downloads.

App improvement, Johann Fant, IT Lead mid-sized company


Product Management –

User Centric Mindset along the Product Lifecycle.

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Product Management - User Centric Mindset along the Product Lifecycle


  • Learn how to get a user first and product driven mindset
  • How to identify your user and target your product to exactly this user, while building a scalable solution for several thousands and millions of user
  • Practical examples from different companies and top universities, tools, frameworks, methods, processes, how-to’s, and lessons learned for every career level


Get the app of the successful eBook “Product Management – User Centric Mindset along the Product Lifecycle”.

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  • Get the full content of the eBook in one app
  • More than 300 minutes of engaging videos
  • More than 100 external resources with links to dive even deeper into the topic
  • More than 40 relevant figures and graphs
  • Key takeaways of each section

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Free version

  • All key takeaways of each section
  • More than 40 relevant figures and graphs

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