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Get insights how to build software products with a user first mindset and which will be loved by your users.

This app contains the key takeaways of the successful eBook „Product Management – User centric mindset along the product lifecycle“.

Information about the eBook:

The book is dedicated to product managers who want to build products users love. It is about a user first mindset and creating products in order to solve problems, identify needs and to simply make the life of your users easier. The most successful products and companies are addressing exactly those points. Therefore, the book focuses on the user along the whole product lifecycle and conveys how to setup and change your mindset to a user first mindset. In addition, the book is equipped with many examples, tools, methods and processes you can leverage within your daily life. Based on practical insights, you will get a full picture on the whole product lifecycle from identifying and assessing an opportunity, conducting market research, creating and designing your product, the whole management of the development process and launch of your product, data management, tasks during the go-live of your product, and, certainly, pitching your product. Furthermore, each chapter consists of exercises including the respective solutions, as well as key takeaways.

With main focus on the software industry, the book is a perfect fit for people who want to become a product manager, new to the role of a product manager, seasoned product managers who want to understand more about user focus, as well as entrepreneurs. In addition, you will find some differences between a product manager in a start-up and a corporate world.

The goal of the book is not to describe each and every aspect in detail, but to equip you with the necessary insights and tools in order to create products user love.

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